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What are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown procedure — commonly referred to as a “tooth cap” — is a tooth-shaped restorative that repairs the look and function of a damaged tooth. Dental crowns are used to restore various types of dental issues, including severe tooth decay as well as cracked and worn-down teeth. They are typically recommended when a tooth is too damaged for a simple filling, but not damaged enough for the dentist to extract it.

Advancements in modern dentistry have significantly enhanced the performance of affordable dental crowns. While a porcelain crown was once the most common, today's dental caps are crafted from more durable materials like specialty resins & ceramics. These modern materials not only offer superior durability, but they can also be colored to mimic the shade of your existing teeth, providing a more natural look.

Am I a Candidate?

While there are numerous reasons you might require a dental crown treatment, the most common situations include:

  • Protecting a broken or cracked tooth
  • Repairing a severe case of tooth decay
  • Protecting a weak or chipped tooth from further damage
  • Covering a stained or discolored tooth
  • Capping a dental implant

Only a dental professional can determine when a tooth crown is the best route. If there’s a gap in your smile or you require multiple crowns, a tooth bridge might be the most appropriate solution for you.

How Does it Work?

First, your dentist will determine if a dental cap is a suitable solution for you. Your dentist will then need to prepare your tooth to provide a good foundation for your crown implant. Depending on your situation, a temporary tooth cap may be necessary to restore function before the permanent crown is created. When your restorative is ready, your dentist will remove your temporary cap and secure your crown. Lastly, your new crown will be shaped and colored to make sure it seamlessly blends in with your smile.

Trust the Experts at Natomas Crossing

At Natomas Crossing Dental Care, our team’s unmatched experience and the use of the most advanced and appropriate methods in modern dentistry are fundamental to our practice. Patient satisfaction is our number one priority, and every team member is dedicated to providing a first-class experience. Whether you need a front tooth crown or any other type of dental treatment, Natomas Crossing should be your first call.

If you have any concerns or you’re wondering if a crown is the right solution for you, contact our team today for a consultation.

"Everyone was so nice and really understood my dental fears."

I’m a big dentist chicken- from the moment I arrived at Natomas Crossing Dental Care, it was a fantastic experience. Everyone was so nice and really understood my dental fears. The staff and Dr. Harris were just so kind and also thorough. I am going to be getting back on track with my dental care now that I have found a dentist I am comfortable with again.

- Heather S.

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