About Us

At Natomas Crossing Dental Care, we offer a relaxing environment and friendly staff. Patients appreciate our office’s comfortable atmosphere, which makes every visit enjoyable. Our team is committed to providing quality care to all patients we serve in the Sacramento area, offering dental services to meet the entire family’s needs.

What Makes Natomas Crossing Dental Care Stand Out?

High Standards

We have the highest standard of excellence in dental care — all of our Sacramento patients receive high-quality dental services. Along with a comprehensive treatment plan, we offer cosmetic dentistry, restorative techniques, and the latest in dental technology to help patients enjoy optimal oral health.

Patient Education and Preventive Services

Our patients come first at Natomas Crossing Dental Care, and we feel one of the best ways we can promote oral health is to educate our patients. We’ll spend time discussing treatments, benefits and alternatives with you so you’re well-informed and comfortable with your care. Preventive services are also a cornerstone of our practice, and we’ll work with you to maintain your oral health to prevent future problems.

Prioritizing Safety

Your safety is our priority. Our office only uses the safest techniques and materials for our patients, and we provide dental care in a safe environment where you can know you’re in good hands.

Our Expertise

Our team of dental professionals has years of combined experience providing quality dental services. From our highly educated, skilled dentists to our dental assistants and other office staff, every team member is dedicated to making sure each patient receives quality care.

Providing Patients With a Positive Experience

We want our patients to have a comfortable, good experience when they visit our office. It’s easy for some patients to feel a bit anxious or uneasy when they head to the dentist’s office, but our team is dedicated to ensuring that our patients get the personalized, excellent care to make every visit as pleasant and relaxing as possible.

Natomas Crossing Dental Care — Meeting All Your Dental Needs

No matter what type of dental needs you have, we’re ready to help, and we’re proud to offer a wide range of dental services in Sacramento. Contact our office for all of your dental care needs, including:

  • Emergency Treatment: We understand that dental emergencies don’t always happen during regular business hours. We’re always here to take care of our patients, offering emergency dental treatment even after hours.
  • Pediatric Dentistry: Children have unique oral health needs, and our staff is skilled in handling pediatric patients. We focus on making sure a child’s visit to the dentist is always a positive one.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: Our dental professionals work to help patients become more confident about their teeth and smile by offering a variety of cosmetic dental treatments including dental crowns, implants, tooth-colored fillings, whitening, Invisalign, veneers, bridges and more.
  • Periodontal Treatment: We work to help patients prevent and treat gum disease. We’re proud to provide cutting-edge, expert periodontal services in Sacramento to protect patients from the consequences of gum disease.

Experience the Natomas Crossing Dental Care difference yourself. Contact us by filling out our form or calling 916-928-9999 today.

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