Did The Tooth Fairy Visit You?

Losing baby teeth — especially the first few — can be scary, strange and uncomfortable for kids. It’s no wonder parents introduce the tooth fairy tradition with their children as a way to help reassure kids that the loss of their teeth is a normal and natural part of growing up.

Did the tooth fairy visit you as a child? Here are some ideas to incorporate the tooth fairy tradition into your family as a fun way to encourage kids to embrace tooth loss and good oral health.

Introducing the Tooth Fairy

Although it has been many years since they lost their first tooth, most adults still remember the excitement of placing that tooth under their pillow and discovering that it had been replaced with a special prize the next morning. For younger kids who struggle with good oral hygiene or who are apprehensive about tooth loss and dental care, the tooth fairy can be a great motivational tool. Children are easily excited by presents and rewards, and the idea of a magical fairy delivering a prize for their tooth can make the loss of teeth something to eagerly anticipate. Similarly, children who struggle to maintain good brushing habits may be motivated to take better care of their teeth if there is an incentive.

Creative Tooth Fairy Rewards

Traditionally, the tooth fairy leaves cash under the child’s pillow in exchange for the tooth. Though as you play the role of tooth fairy in your home, you can be creative with your rewards. Parents may decide to find an alternative gift in place of money, such as:

  • Tickets to the zoo or a special event
  • A new toy or book
  • A fun new toothbrush or toothpaste
  • A trip to get a healthier treat, such as frozen yogurt

Some parents may also choose to give bigger rewards for healthy teeth with no cavities, while others may include a letter from the tooth fairy with encouragement about keeping their teeth healthy.

Fostering Healthy Smiles for a Lifetime

The tooth fairy’s visit can be used as an opportunity to teach kids proper dental care, but that is not the only way to establish a lifetime of good dental health for your child. Parents can play a significant role by setting good examples at home by brushing twice a day, flossing daily and speaking positively about visiting the dentist.

If your child is due for an appointment, contact Natomas Crossing Dental Care today to schedule his or her next visit. By instilling a good oral hygiene routine at home and making visits to the dentist a regular part of your child’s life, you can establish healthy habits that will last a lifetime.